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Missions Program

Missions Program

Manna Ministries International is dedicated to serving the church and reaching the world in line with our vision. Through Bible outreaches and collaborative efforts with pastors and church leaders from different locations and regions, we aim to promote spiritual growth, empower communities and foster unity among believers.

Program Objectives:

  1. Bible & Study Guides Distribution: Provide individuals and communities with free Bibles, Study guides and discipleship manuals ensuring access to the Word of God.
  2. Church and Organization Partnerships: Develop partnerships with churches, Christian organizations, and community leaders to maximize the reach and impact of the program. Collaborate on joint initiatives and share resources to create synergies.
  3. Pastoral Collaboration: Establish partnerships with pastors from diverse regions to enhance their ministry, support their spiritual growth, and promote effective leadership
  4. Training and Resources: Develop and deliver training programs, webinars, and resources to equip pastors with relevant skills, leadership development, and theological knowledge.

5.    Local Community Engagement: Actively engage with the local communities, community centers and facilities such as prisons and fostering partnerships with schools, and other organizations to address social needs and promote holistic transformation. This program offers hope, comfort and encouragement to individuals facing challenging circumstances.

  1. Humanitarian Aid/Community Development: Provide humanitarian assistance to those in need. This involves distributing basic items to prisoners, food and clothing to impoverished communities. Establish infrastructure to deserving communities such as water systems, church buildings and promote community wellbeing.


Over the years, there has been tremendous impact of this program in the lives of individuals, communities and churches. This includes: spiritual growth, education and empowerment, community development, personal and leadership development. It has also led to stronger pastoral relationships and collaborative ministry initiatives. By fostering unity, cooperation and mutual support, the program has created a ripple effect that has extended beyond individual churches and benefitted the broader community.


The missions program has been made successful by strong collaborations, local and international partners such as International School of the Bible, The Factory Church, Vertical Life Church, Our Next Ministry among others. You can choose to partner with us today and together we shall carry out great exploits.